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Lindsay Barker aka Vinyl Fixx has always had a drive for bass heavy beats. Early days in car stereo competitions always had the bass dial on overload! To describe his music? Neck brace Drum and Bass with a heavy dose of funk….… In the last 11 years his refined technique, skilled beat manipulation and a love for making people lose their minds, has kept Vinyl Fixx moving forward… the future is now.

Growing up listening to underground hip hop laid the foundation for Breakbeats and vocal lines. Needing a faster tempo, he went down the path listening to industrial beats from Front 242, Skinny Puppy, Nitzer Ebb and Fear Factory and the like. Not satisfied with the bass lines, he found himself looking for the deep bass that was in Miami bass tracks bumping at the car stereo competitions. It was at an underground club back in 1994, he found the missing link in Doc Scott's "Here come the Drums"... Things would never be the same...

Vinyl Fixx is currently signed to R4pid Fire Records, BassBong Records, Isolation Tank Recordings, and has new material coming out this year on East Van Digital Records. 2011 saw a new full length Drum and Bass album entitled : The Vice City Album. A heavy trip down all styles of DnB with hip-hop and grime influences. His earlier tracks on several multi-national compilations through EY Records based in Germany gained momentum for Vinyl Fixx, with some cd's in the series reaching 40,000 + downloads. He has a large back catalog of over 10 full-length dj mixx sets, 2 full length albums, 2 E.P's, several compilation singles through RFR Records, and a slot on the best of Future DnB 2010 and 2011 compilation. He has even dabbled in Dubstep production with releases on Rapidfire Records available under the name GRIMEHOUSE available on Beatport.

Overheard at the last festival he played at:
"I need a wheelchair after that"
"Your shoe laces will tie themselves.."
"My neck is straight ^&&*$%^"
"Where is my Girlfriend??"

Vinyl Fixx Dj sets are full of the latest dubplates, backed with classic traxx showing respect to the old skool. He has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many of DnB greatest Artist's. A true DnB head from day one, he is always stoked to spread the vibe of Drum and Bass to anyone who gets in his path. 2012 shows no slowing down for Vinyl Fixx with more work in the studio to solidify his bass junkie status again to the world. Catch him live at his monthly residency in Calgary, AB at Quincy's on 7th every 3rd Saturday of the month.

Beatport Weekly:
"Vinyl Fixx represents and new generation of producers who have a firm foundation in the future, with respect to the old skool"

Catch Fresh original and Unreleased trax on his soundcloud page!

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